Many powerful features for your car dealer website


inventory-managmentInventory management

Managing your online inventory is real easy with our inventory management. You can add, delete, edit, upload pictures in just few clicks.



VIN Decoder VIN Decoder

 You will save a lot of time with our VIN Decoder. Simply enter your VIN number and our software will automatically fill in information such as Year, Make, Model, Engine, Transmission, MPG.  You can try our VIN decoder here.



export Easy Craigslist and Ebay export

Once your listing up and running, you can export it to Craigslist and Ebay in just few clicks. You will have unlimited high quality pictures embedded automatically in your listing, with links back to your site. You will no longer have limitations on amount of pictures or their quality. Just paste  generated HTML code in your Craigslist or Ebay listing and you will have a premium car listing without paying anything extra!


Vehicle brochures  Printable vehicle brochure

Many customers visit more than one dealership a day before they make a final decision. By the end of day they may even forget what cars they looked at or which dealership had a car, they liked. That's when vehicle brochure comes in. With just one click you (or your customer) will be able to print vehicle brochure, that will have a picture of car, specs and description as well as dealership information. So, if customer forgets what they liked, this brochure will remind them.  


Car buyers testimonials Testimonial page

 You know, you are good and honest dealer. And your previous customers know that too. But how about new customers? How would they know if you are good auto dealer or one of those, who will rip them off?

Share your positive feedback with others! Testimonials page will let other people see your positive reviews from previous clients. They will also be able to share their thoughts by submitting new testimonial. And you have total control on what to publish and what not, as well as edit testimonials.


 Social Integration for car dealer websiteSocial Integration

 Every car listing has built in Facebook Tweeter and Google Plus button. Your customers will be able to share your listing with their friends and family. This way your listings will be exposed to many potential buyers. 




Vehicle inquiry for auto dealer website

Vehicle Inquiry 

 More and more people use email as their way of communication. With Turbolot website every vehicle listing will have a "Ask a question" button, that will let customers inquire about car, they interested in. You will get an instant email with customer contact information as well as vehicle year, make, model, and stock number. This will eliminate any confusion and you will know exactly which car they are talking about.


Website analytic for car dealershipsWebsite statistics